Nonprofit Legal Services

Maximize Potential For Positive Change in the World

Organization Startup

I will help you navigate the steps to starting up your non-profit or for-profit organization.

Tax Exemption Filing

I will help you file for federal tax exemption so you will not have to pay any taxes.

International Grantmaking

I will help your organization do the due diligence so you can legally make grants abroad.

Project Planning

I can help you plan and structure your project for maximum social impact.

About Me​​​​

I graduated from Loyola Law School in 2014. While in school, I worked at a legal non-profit to provide free legal services to indigent people. This inspired me to work in the non-profit sphere.

What I Do

I offer legal services to non-profit organizations - everything from organization startup and project planning, to tax exemption filing and international grantmaking.

Why Choose Me

As a non-profit attorney, I can help you maximize your social impact and guide you and your organization in being the change you want to see in the world.

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