About Me



2015, California


English, Mandarin, Taiwanese


Juris Doctor (J.D.)
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, 2014
Legal Aid Foundation

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
University of California, Los Angeles, 2010

Association of Chinese Americans, Asian American Tutorial Project


My name is Alex Chen and I was raised in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating from UCLA in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, I developed a strong interest in philanthropy and decided to go to law school. While attending Loyola Law School, I worked at various non-profit organizations such as the Legal Aid Foundation to help battered women leave their abusers and refugees and torture victims seek asylum in the United States. After I graduated in 2014, I decided to channel my passion into helping others with their own philanthropic organization. Therefore, I decided to focus my work solely on helping people achieve their dreams of positively changing the world by opening the Law Office of Alex Chen in 2018. 

Since I've started my practice, I use my knowledge and expertise to provide affordable and practical counsel to non-profit leaders on tax, corporate, and charitable trust law. I  give organizations the confidence and reassurance to continue on in their valuable missions. I regularly participate in fundraising, political, and community events in Los Angeles throughout the year to ensure my services are up to date and responsive. More information on my background can be found on my LinkedIn.

I am willing to provide services to a myriad of non-profit organizations: animal welfare, arts, children & youth, churches, community foundations, fiscal sponsors, environmental, economic development, women's advocacy, trade associations, social welfare/human services, public schools, scientific research, law firms, media/news, private foundations, international charities, and non-profit support groups.

I am always open to new opportunities and learning about your unique business needs. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Mission Statement

There are times when people want to take philanthropy into their own hands. Whether or not you want to create a for-profit or nonprofit organization, I can help you get started. My goal is to help your organization stay compliant with all laws and regulations so your sole focus should be on positively impacting the community around you. 

I can work with any tax-exempt organization, including, but not limited to private foundations, religious organizations, churches, or educational institution.